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Message from Principle’s Desk

Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the society as a whole” It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the school website. The school aims to provide holistic approach to shape over all personality of child imbibed in the moral values. The school has a modern outlook based on the strong roots of our traditional culture.It is matter of great contentment that school has progressed in all fields in the recent years. Parents are requested to extend their whole hearted
cooperation to the school authorities for the success of the students and school. Their cooperation is also solicited in maintaining discipline and providing a conducive environment for all around development of a child.

Future Endeavours

To make a quantitative and qualitative improvement in the results of the school at the secondary level.

To provide a safe, respectful, supportive and creative learning environment for the students. The journey forwards self analysis and self improvement must go on…….

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Miles to go before I sleep

School Management Committee

Name of the Person Post Mobile No.
Baber Prasad Bhavsar Principal cum Convener 031 10662560
Obaid Shah Chairperson +91 56 27786059
Ehsaan Mukul Saini Chairperson +91 77 64262237
Naseer Sarin Chairperson +91 719 2321963
Mowgli Boase Vice-Chairperson 0528 6274481
Brock Bhai Pillai Educationist +91 02 76632039
Harpreet Singhal Area Counsellor +91 02 76632039
Dev Ramson Teacher Member +91 02 76632039
Albert Minhas Parent Member +91 02 76632039
Sandeep Parent Member 0943 4256758
Name Qualification Post & Subject
Radheshyam Patel M.Sc. B.Ed. Principal
Albert Minhas M.Sc. B.Ed. Lec. History
Dinesh Dev Ramson M.Sc. B.Ed. Lec.Eng.
Harpreet Singhal Lec. H.Sc
Brock Bhai Pillai M.Sc. B.Ed. Lec. Math
Mowgli Boase M.Sc. Phy. B.Ed.,M.Ed. Lec. Physics
Naseer Sarin M.A.B.Ed Lec. Math
Ehsaan Mukul Saini M.A B.ED Lec. Chemistry

School Rules

We make sure that the students of our school have all the etiquettes essential for success in every step of life. This is the reason we train them discipline from the beginning of the school years.

Here are the set of rules that students must follow:

  • The primary goal of the management is to imbibe the students with the discipline, importance of cleanliness, punctuality, and respect to the elders.
  • School dress is mandatory for every student as described by the Punjab School Education Board.
  • Children of the school enjoy all the benefits placed at their disposal if they follow the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Students are not allowed to talk loudly in the corridors or annoy others.
  • Pupils are expected to behave with decency and pay due respect to the faculty of the institution.
  • Latecomers are fined heavily and sometimes considered absent from school.
  • Damage to school property is immediately reported to the authorities for necessary actions.
  • Student negligence towards studies and inappropriate behavior is subject to two warnings. If the same behavior continues then strict action is taken.